Monday, January 31, 2011


So I think I'm finally at the tail end of a nearly 2 month long creative block/slump - whatever you want to call it. It hasn't been especially fun when you consider how much I intended to get done. Can't say what's broken it, maybe finally getting some new supplies in, I don't really know. Then again, I haven't exactly done anything yet that makes me perfectly sure it's over - the next week or so will tell.

So today I tried out making fake teeth, sort of. I got as far as getting the mould made as you can see by the upside down picture below - not perfect, but it's a pretty quick process if I really feel like doing it again. Plus it takes very little material to do this.

I'm hoping to get back to make a few new pieces and doing the photo shoots again soon as well. And if all goes according to plan this week, you might see some new stuff - a video or two by the weekend. Hard to say, just taking things as they come and making it up as I go along for the moment.

And if you read the post from earlier today I'm seeing if I can put together another feature movie, this one will be pretty epic if I can get it organized - and get the grants I'm applying for. That's pretty much the lynch pin, no grant - no movie.

Other then that, not much else to go on about. Got a near final edit of Grayson & Gortch, that's nice to be so close to wrapping that up. I've got another order of makeup supplies on the way and if that works out I might be trying to reorganize Home Sweet Hell pretty soon as well.

I plan on doing a bit of an update to the website depending on certain things happening this week. I've got several other projects I need to start revisiting in order to get them ready for shooting this summer, a couple of grants to apply for and probably whole pile of other things I've forgotten about.

I guess we'll see how it all goes.

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