Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Officially starting "Demons" by Karl Wenham...after all this time.

Seems like a few projects have been hold or delayed or canceled although this past year. Demons hadn't officially started yet, even though I've been doing a few shoots, mainly I need some images to sell my prosthetics online so the shoots sort of had more to do with that - in any case, the hold up was a grant which I finally got word on today so as of today I am officially starting "Demons" by Karl Wenham.

A little anti-climactic since it sort of seems like I've been doing it for months now. All technicalities and whatnot. With the money I'll be able to start cranking out prosthetics a lot more frequently, I've got a few new ones in mind but haven't been able to do anything because of lack of funds.

There's already one shoot lined up for sometime within the next few weeks, I'm looking forward to finally getting some major progress made on this.

As well, and this is rather huge, I'll finally be doing the actual Karl Wenham makeup for myself and doing a quick video/shoot with Karl - so expect to see a video or something withing the next few months.

In other projects, Grayson & Gortch is coming along really well. Just 2 scenes left to edit and do post on and then I'll be starting in on the relooping - could only be a matter of another couple months for this as well.

And, if all goes well we'll finally make a start on Home Sweet Hell after all this time too.

If this is your first time reading this and you're local to PEI, I'm looking for models for the Demons project.

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