Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Very Long Week

It's been not only an very long week, but a hellishly busy week.

For starters, I got my first wholesale order, not a huge one - but at this point I'm not being particularly pick about that sort of thing. Not like I'd turn someone down because the didn't order enough, that'd be kinda stupid.

I also spent the week getting all the last minute paperwork together for a huge grant proposal for a project I'm planning on shooting summer of 2012 - planning on it if I get the grant, there's just no way I could make this movie without money and considering how many I've done with very little budget for any of them, you know this is massive.

To give you an idea, I'll actually be shooting with my first miniature set ever. This one scene would combine computer animated character (there'll be very little otherwise in the movie), green screen, miniatures, false background and actual sets. It's going to be awesome.

And I've decided to adjust my workspace a little bit. Currently this stuff is taking over my whole apartment and it's not that big in the first place. So after some serious apartment tetris (if you've ever moved crap around a crowded apartment, you know what I'm getting at) I have a whole room just for the prosthetic and prop work. Not a single bit of it will be lingering about in other areas. That will be awesome.

Now I'm waiting on potentially another wholesale order, not sure when that'll be coming along but I was assured it'd be soon.

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