Saturday, January 14, 2012

Home Sweet Hell DVDs!

I've been in a slump as far as being self motivated lately, ever since Halloween actually (which was exhaustively busy for 2 months straight), but this last week has been incredibly productive.

I finally got the Home Sweet Hell DVDs all done, there's not much to them, just the episodes and some pictures. I wanted to do outtakes, but as I noticed finishing up the BZK2! DVDs, there weren't any. The folks I work with have gotten really used to the way I work and are very well prepared  - so they deserve a huge thanks from me.

These are up for sale too, but since the audio isn't awesome, I'm reducing the price a bit to $8 on these - any more and it's just not worth selling them really.

Otherwise, I've got a small pile of new prosthetics done and a few more on the way. I've got a few new photo shoots lined up and got some work done on a few other projects I have going on. So far so good, I'm hoping the trend keeps up.

Up next are the Man-Eating Hookers from Hell DVDs.

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