Thursday, February 23, 2012

Creating Cthulhu, Part Six - The Last Part

Once the sculpt was done, I just hot glued it to a plastic foam board base.

It's looking a little shiny here, that's because the first coat of DragonSkin silicone has been applied. It was brushed on to make sure it got into all the little nooks and divots and whatnot.
The 2nd coat, a little thicker. It's normally clear, but I tinted each layer to better see what was going on. The first was slightly green and this one was obviously a little more tinted and yellow.
Using Thivex I thickened the ssilicone so it wouldn't run, I was able to trowel it on, filling in all the undercuts and deeper indents.
A few more thinner and thicker coats and we're left with this after several hours. I think there were 6 coats in total, I lost count.
Then I made a two part support shell. A wall was made with regular old clay.
Here's a view of the cleaned off first half. It's a little messy because I tend to cut corners.
Both halves of the support shell. This is made from a material called Plasti-Paste II, pretty simple and quick to work with. It's a little ragged looking still, I will be cleaning it up soon though.
And here's the mould freshly freed from the shell.
And the original sculpt, totally intact freed from the silicone glove mould. It's inverted in this picture, looks kind funky.
Then using some SmoothCast ( I forget what number it was) and some Urefil 3 to extend the volume of the resin, I poured it all in. First though, I used a black version of the SmoothCast, called Onyx, to do a thin surface coat that would be solid black, the other resin was used to fill the whole thing.
And not too long after I pulled this from the mould, here it is alongside the original sculpt.
And it's finally done. I'm not sure if I'm going to do anymore with it or what. The picture is a little brightened, the actual piece is somewhat darker. Still looks pretty awesome though.
And that's done. I'm hoping to do a couple more, work out a few kinks in the process and have them online for sale by next week. They'll also be going on eBay for sale as well. Not sure of the price just yet, it's pretty expensive making something this size out of solid resin, so I'm thinking in the neighborhood of $80 and I debating doing it in a finish or even different colours, not sure yet.

And just for some additional information. The sculpt was done with Monster Makers Premium Clay, from Monster Makers. The moulding and final casting materials all came from Smooth-On, purchased here in Canada from Sculpture Supply and Sial.

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  1. Anonymous8:13 PM

    This is great, Fox. Really admire the handiwork that went into this. A Cthulhu anyone would be proud to own....
    Kim B