Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"The Secret Lives of Demons" project is done.

It's finally all over and done with. About 51 photo shoots, 73 Demons and about a year and a half later.

Just ordered the prototype book today. We'll see how it turns out, then by mid-March it'll be going online for sale at for $44.95(US). Softcover only, maybe hardcover, I'm not sure just yet.

Overall it was a pretty awesome experience. I intended to have about 100 different demons, but 73 isn't too bad. Also intended for about 100 shoots, that was just utterly unrealistic.

The makeup itself is pretty simple, I'm sure there's some folks who might criticize it for being limited in that aspect, but the point was to use generic makeup that could be sold and used by anyone online - so keeping that mind, it did turn out pretty damned well. The 2nd volume will be much more elaborate than this. Hopefully.

Until then, here's a couple unused photos from the whole project, ones that probably will never see the light of day otherwise.

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