Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BZK! T-Shirts

One of the many, many things I've got planned for the BZK! Web Series is a series of custom made t-shirts for some of the characters. Since we need multiple costumes on occasion and I've some minor experience in screen printing, I thought - why not?

I think we'll be doing 3 in all as well as an actual "Bimbo Zombie Killers!" t-shirt, that's being offered up as part of the Indiegogo funding campaign.

And in case anyone's wondering, would this eventually be up for sale? I don't know. Hard to say because I guess there's potential copyright issues. Maybe. I don't really know, but it doesn't hurt to ask I guess, does it?

Now, if you're looking at this and wondering "What's the point?" Then clearly you've missed the joke, such as it is, or the picture just isn't doing it justice...or you've never seen RoboCop.

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