Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Call for International Zombies

I've briefly posted about this before, but I thought I should do a proper outline on it so people are aware of exactly what I'm talking about.

In regards to the upcoming web series, Bimbo Zombie Killers! Undead in the Water, we are looking for folks all over the world (currently have people as far as Scotland participating) in shooting some zombie footage that will be used in the series.

We're not looking for random footage or for you to submit you own ideas. What we're looking for is very specific and will be outlined further once the script is finalized. It has to match our own footage as well. Nor are we looking for folks to design their own makeup, I myself do prosthetic makeup and I'm creating all the makeup used in the movie, so a batch of prosthetics will be sent out to keep our undead looking consistent.

To further break it down in bullet points:

1. We will send you a list of shots needed.
2. We will send you stills from our footage in order to make it match in look and location.
3. Must be shot in full HD (1920x1080, 30fps - progressive, non-interlaced)
4. We're not looking for "character" zombies, must be simple in order to blend in. So no Mexican Fiesta Zombie or Polka Zombies please, the footage will just be unusable.
5. We will send you a batch of pre-painted prosthetics, you will need to only apply and blend them in on your own. Some makeup ability and supplies of your own will be necessary.
6. Method of delivery, or format, of final shots has yet to be determined
7. If you're concerned about your camera handling matching our own, we'll be shooting in a similar style to BZK2!. Mostly handheld and no camera zooms, it just doesn't look at all that good.
8. Footage can be shot over the course of the summer and submitted no later then mid-September.

Overall we're looking for probably 4-5 shots from everyone. Should you decide to shoot more just for fun and submit it, go right ahead - we might even do a gag reel or compilation of all the extra footage (with your names and locations even) just to do it as maybe an extra episode if we get enough.

That should answer most questions. If not, feel free to email me and ask anything else.

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