Sunday, January 20, 2013

10 Things I Hate About Movies - Part 6.

6. Over hyped Movies

This annoys me a lot. It’s pretty simple and luckily this is very avoidable and I’ve been actively avoiding certain hype for certain movies in order to actually enjoy them.

A good example of an over hyped movie that lead me to believe I might have multiple orgasms just watching it, “That Dark Knight”. What a massively overrated muddy movie. Sure Ledger was pretty cool as the Joker, but the plot was so back and forth, back and forth with about as much depth as a Tom and Jerry cartoon. The Joker has a plan, but Batman knows about it, but the Joker knows Batman knows, but the Batman…blah, blah, blah. It was like the same scene over and over again for far too long, leaving threads from the beginning dangling too long so when they wrapped them up near the end you just sat wondering “what the hell was that for?”.

It wasn’t a bad movie, just overrated. “Batman Begins” was a much better movie and I actually don’t even give a piss about “The Dark Knight Rises”. The trailers looked overwhelmingly dull and aside from Anne Hathaway there was nothing to really be interested in seeing.

I don’t go to the cinema, because it’s filled with mostly noisy ignorant assholes here and I’m not paying any kind of money to just be annoyed, I’d rather wait until DVD, so I don’t worry too much about over hyped movies. And avoiding commercials is easy when I don’t have cable.

Over hyping almost ruined the new “Star Trek” movie for me, not from a commercial standpoint but from people I know ranting on incessantly about it. Like I would literally cease to be if I did not see this movie to the point where I didn’t want to see it. I didn’t go see it in the cinema, which I had intended to and just waited for DVD. And I’m glad I did, I really did enjoy it. This is a rare case though and is only because I waited I think and really already had a strong opinion of my own about it.

On the flipside, so many movies out there recently have been shat on by critics and filmgoers, luckily I don’t care much for critics and the opinions of others means very little to me when it comes to what movies I like and don’t like.

For example, movies that have been shat on that I really enjoyed (not saying they’re awesome or brilliant, but I don’t get the shitting on they got) the remake of “Fright Night” – I LOVED the original movie, I hated the notion of the remake. But I heard the cast (and not even really being a Colin Farrell fan, although I do appreciate him more now) and who was writing it, I thought it might be alright. It was far from alright, it was pretty damned awesome. My concerns about who in the world could ever replace Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent were alleviated when I heard it was going to be David Tennant. His Peter Vincent was a complete opposite character and just as memorable.

The new “Conan the Barbarian”, “Dylan Dog”, the prequel of “The Thing”, all pretty fun, enjoyable movies. All got a steaming pile of hate from most everyone – I don’t get it. I liked them just fine. Actually, I really liked "Dylan Dog" and maybe it's because I never read the comic or graphic novel or what the hell spawned it, but I never cared for Brandon Routh and still enjoyed this movie for what it was worth.

And a really good example of what I’ll call “under hype” was for “Ghosts of Mars”, so much I actually wrote a Facebook post about it upon finally seeing it. I was expecting to hate myself for watching it, expecting to have an uncontrollable urge to seek out and beat the crap out of John Carpenter for making it. No, it was alright. Maybe it’s because I so expected it to be crap I was able to see it for what it really was? I wasn’t hyped to see it at all so I wasn’t let down. This movie was considered to be the movie that ended Carpenter’s career. Was it really that bad? No, not by any means. Was it good? No, just was just another movie that left little to no impact. It wasn’t even interesting enough to hate. It was just a movie with weirdos on Mars in it, a decent time waster of a movie.

So I guess it works both ways. I hate how we’re influenced by outside sources in how we feel about movies. Sure, that’s part of the machine and how it works I guess, but I think if people really stood back away from the hype they might find out what their actual taste in movies is. And that means not so many 3D idiots would still be dreaming of banging tall blue aliens. Another movie, I have no interest in seeing.


I wrote this all awhile ago and was waiting for this to happen. I saw “The Hobbit” a movie that I heard a resounding chorus of “mehs” and “nothing happens” to “it was like watching a videogame” and all I have to say it, “you useless, jaded, motherfuckers!” It was awesome.  Sure it took awhile to get going, so did Fellowship. You have to set things up – this wasn’t a continuation, this was a prequel and a lot of groundwork had to be laid out and once things got going action-wise, it didn’t stop. It was literally one sequence after another until the end. I’m glad it wasn’t loved by everyone, it makes me realize I’m not another movie-watching sheep that needs to be told what I think about movies.

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