Thursday, May 16, 2013

Latex Zombie Finger Puppet

Just turned the first one out and painted it up. Came out not too bad. It's just barely over 2 inches tall, made of latex rubber as the title would suggest, so if you have latex allergies I don't recommend it.

It's being added as part of the fundraiser for Moonshine of the Damned. For $10 you'll get this guy (shipping is $5 to Canada and the US), a thanks in the credits and a chance to win some props from the movie. Limited quantity of 10 being made, so don't wait too long.

The fit is actually customizable as well, but it can be done only once - it's not permanently adjustable, I just add more latex to the rim to thicken it to make it fit more snug on a smaller finger. So if you want one and you're buying it for someone specifically, like someone with smaller hands, I suggest if you want it to fit well (so it's not flopping around or falling off), you can measure the circumference of the largest finger on the hand, around the last joint (too small and your choices are limited of which finger it'll fit) and I'll do my best to fit it to that size.

To order, just send an email Include your preferred payment method (Canada: Paypal or Email Interact. US: Paypal) and your address. They ship out as soon as they're made, which I'm doing right now.

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