Monday, July 22, 2013

Update to the Moonshine of the Damned Fundraiser

Just a bit of an update on what's going on with the fundraiser, some recent changes and update and blah, blah, blah...

First off, thanks to everyone who has donated so far - the movie would've been so bland had I not been able to do the FX I wanted and just a bit more. They're about 90% complete, I've been whittling away at them and I've been really happy with the progress and the overall look of everything. This will easily be the biggest FX movie attempt I've ever done and I can almost guarantee if you like cheesy, campy movies - you will love this.

Second. Just a reminder to everyone who inquired about purchasing something, but hasn't followed through yet - best to get on it as soon a possible since by the end of August, we won't be needing to raise funds anymore, so soon it will all be unavailable.

Third. This is a bit of a change in the shipping on the Brain Keychains. Originally I was used small padded envelopes to minimize the risk of damage to the pieces and that drove the size from a letter to a package, well I'm offering to ship in regular envelopes to those that want things cheaper. Right now I think I can do $3 flat rate, worldwide even - on the Brain Keychains only. Probably the Chicken Feet as well.

Fourth. I reduced the number of items on a couple of the pieces. The Brains were originally being made in a lot of 200, that's been reduced to 100. Right now nearly 50 have been sold, so there's only about half left. And once the fundraiser is over, they will be unavailable for a time - although I do have plans to do another limited run around Halloween.

And lastly, I've finally settled on when I'm doing the draw and it will be AFTER the movie has had a week or two online, since the other possible prizes could be spoiler-ish. I'll be trying to contact everyone as best I can to see who is actually interested in the draw, to make sure those that don't really care aren't the ones getting the loot in the end.

As usual, send any orders to: brains @ And there's more info on the website:

That's pretty much it for now. I've got two more shoots scheduled for this month, July's been quiet since everyone's been so busy. By the time August rolls around I believe we only have 4-5 shooting days left, so we're looking in pretty good shape.

I've been looking at the footage and so far it's miles ahead of what we shot last year, so I'm really glad it all fell apart when it did last year, it's given us a much better project. It moves faster, less repetitive, there's very little (if any at all) filler type feeling scenes anymore and of the the FX are just so much better than I would've been able to turn out last year. And I decided this weekend, when you finally see it, watch for the Highlander reference...It's going to be awesome.

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