Tuesday, December 31, 2013

That Last Year in Search Engine Terms.

I do this every year, sometimes twice a year when it looks interesting, but this year actually looks a little dull.

So, here's the top ten search engine terms that landed folks here over the course of 2013.

1. fake axe
2. severed finger prop
3. finger monkey
4. zombie prosthetics
5. moonshine of the damned
6. prosthetic half mask female.
7. zombie head prop
8. forehead prosthetic
9. simple clay model
10. fell off arm

I like the last one.

So here's some of the weirder ones from the year:

explain monkey rodeo
I don't know if this was directed at me or a real monkey rodeo, either way, you don't deserve an explanation

child cleans ear mould
I can't decide if this was someone looking for a clean ear mould of a child or a child who cleans ear mould?

as do latex bad tutorial
as do not understand the first part of that.

thing I hate
You just assumed the search engine would know what it was? My assumption would be a complete sentence is the thing you hate.

upper jaw zombie
Because all those lower jaw zombies are so mainstream.

severed female
I like the simplicity of this, just a severed female - doesn't matter what part or anything, so long as it's severed and female.

zombie rubber chicken
I did it first so I hope you were looking to buy one.

mace for sale
The spray kind or the kind you whack people in the face with?

fit men

severed toe earrings
I guess they didn't care for mine since I haven't sold too many.

old lady silicone gloves for movie
This just creeps me out for some reason.

severed head broken jaw
They like them good and mangled I guess.

hookers for sale
Why am I still seeing this? I don't have any? And quite honestly, isn't the "for sale" implied in the "hooker" part? I've never heard of hookers not for sale.

couple keychain boy
I don't get it.

crack minos
I actually looked this up because I thought it might be minotaur drugs, turns out it's just software - how dull.

50-vfe 3230
I had to look this up as well, it's an engine part? How the hell did a search for engine parts land you on my blog? Did you think, hey, demons might sell them?

And there was the usual assortment of severed this, zombie that, fake axe, blah, blah, blah among several with mangled grammar.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Always interesting, even when it's not as interesting as you think it would/could be.
    Hookers for sale. Um yeah.
    I sincerely hope there isn't a market for old lady gloves.

    Kim B