Friday, September 19, 2014

Sept 19th to Oct 31st Reject Sale

While I sold a massive pile of reject prosthetics during the last sale, I still have quite a bit left over so I thought I'd do one more sale for this year.

Normally rejects are 50% off retail, but I'm again doing 75% retail. That means full faces are $13.75 all the way down to a pair of small horns for $2. And I'm willing to bargain on bulk orders, and I mean bulk orders that are well over $200, everything else will be as is.

Like last time as well, there's still too many random pieces to list them all, but if you check out the website, and see what's available for prosthetics that you like, feel free to make a wishlist, get in touch and I'll let you know if there's any rejects available. If it's not on the site, I don't make it, so there's little point in asking about something that's not already up for retail sale.

I have full faces, ears, horns, and even some noses still around.

And for those of you who've never heard of this and have no idea what I'm talking about when I say "rejects", they're 2nds. They're pieces not quite good enough for regular retail sales, they might have pock marks on the surface ranging from a few spots here and there to some massive areas. Some might have some thicker edges, easily cleaned up by beveling the edges with a pair of sharp scissors and blended in with some Pros-Aide creme.

They're great for people who want to experiment with makeup but don't want to pay normal retail for something they might mess up. Even better for experienced makeup artists who can fix up pieces quite easily. And Haunted Attractions looking for a bulk order of rejects - I'm always willing to make a deal if you're interested in stocking up on a massive order of rejects. An order of $100 in rejects is equal to $400 in regular retail - think about that for a bit if you need to outfit a large group.

One last thing, if you're looking for Zombie pieces, I'm pretty much cleaned out. I think there's one or two pieces kicking around, but don't expect them to last very long.

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