Friday, September 19, 2014

Suicide Demon Girl at the Beach

I'm not a beach person at all, but somehow I ended up doing two beach shoots one after the other. These ones turned out a little better than the last beach shoot, we had a little more cloud cover so the shadows weren't as harsh - no, I'm not a "professional photographer" so I don't have all the light bouncing shit and flashes and whatnot.

The makeup itself was pretty simple, just a face piece and a pair of ears, along with some yellow and orange strips and fake tattoos. The wig looked nothing like the one I'd ordered, it looked a little like crap while it sat on the headform as well, but for some reason, once Julie put it on it sort of took on a whole new shape and ended up looking like an overdone, campy 70s hairdo - which looked awesome for what we were shooting.

That's pretty much it for me being at the beach this summer, I have one more I'm hoping to do, but it's not so much on a beach as it is a small desert looking island.

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