Sunday, March 29, 2015

Frost Troll

I did this piece a few months ago and because of the shitty weather and schedules I only finally got around to getting a shoot done with it today. And I am happy as hell with how it turned out.

A lot of the makeups I do lately have been pretty over the top and cartoonish - mainly because I like that sort of thing. This piece, which I wouldn't brag that it's ultra-realistic by any means, is still cartoon-ish in it's own way, but a little more of a character piece. It was inspired by the Troll designs from The Hobbit: Battle of the Five armies.

The idea behind the huge forehead nubs is that this a a more modern evolution of the Frost Troll, the ancient species was more bestial and had huge horns used for digging in the frozen earth looking for food.

And it's worth noting that the resemblance to Hellboy was totally unintentional, but kind of makes it cooler.

The Frost Troll prosthetic is available as a limited run piece for $60. It's a much thicker piece than I normally do, which does make it easier to remove with the edges intact.

And it gave me the chance to do a totally asymmetrical pair of ears, something I've never done before, nor have I (up until now) seen in any other shops selling prosthetics. The Troll Ears are a permanent addition to my online shop, they sell for $22.

If you made it all the way down here and feel you simply must get yourself all Frost Trolled up, feel free to email me at foxhenderson @ to order your own Frost Troll and Troll Ear prosthetics. I will be selling them as a bundle for only $70, instead of $82.

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