Monday, October 26, 2015

Demon Ash Vs Evil Dead

I've done a few cosplay style Demon shoots, turning recognizable fictional characters into Demons, and with the new Ash Vs Evil Dead show coming out on Halloween I figured it was the best time to do a Demon Ash.

The hardest part of this shoot wasn't the makeup, but the props. I originally had thought about using a real chainsaw and shotgun, I just happen to have had both lying around. But upon ripping apart the chainsaw, or trying to, I realized it just wasn't going to work as easily as I'd hoped. So I opted for a worbla chainsaw instead. I had a huge sheet of the stuff for another shoot that never happened this year, so I figured I might as well try. Then, since the chainsaw was worbla, I decided to do a fake shotgun as well.

It was a massive amount of work, both pieces, but I've really been wanting to properly tackle something with worbla, turn out a really awesome looking prop. So I spent a lot of time designing each piece and how it would all go together and whatnot.

This is the beginnings of the chainsaw body sculpted from pieces of styrofoam, glued together, seam filled with expanding Gorilla Glue. The side handle here was tossed out because it didn't look right.

The shotgun just before priming.

The worbla chainsaw before painting and adding any extra, non-worbla bits. 

And the finished piece. Weighs less than a single kilogram, fairly comfortable to wear too.

Overall I was really happy with how the pieces came out, it was a lot of work but well worth it. Not only was it used for this shoot, but another friend is going to a convention with me on Halloween weekend and she'll be doing a female Ash there.

As for the Deadites, very early on when I thought of this I decided I wouldn't use makeup on the Deadites, originally I wanted more, so I chose to with a mask instead - figuring I'd just clean up the edges in photo shop anyway.

I really wanted the crazy buggy eyes so I made a couple resin half-spheres and used them - taking into account where the wearer might be able to see and how easy it might be to hide the eye holes. Worked pretty well. While the mask seemed pretty campy and silly while sculpting and ever after painting them...

They're actually a little creepy when worn and put into context. I think even I might lose some sleep if I saw these things looking in my window at night, even during the day if I wanted expecting it.

So that was it. A decent way to spend an afternoon. And now I'll leave you with this:

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