Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Superior Blood Leech

This is one of those shoots that just sort of came out of wanting to make a messed up looking freaking prosthetic - something that ignores human facial anatomy. The design isn't original, I've seen different instances of it even after I sculpted my ages ago.

I just knew I wanted to make it a little more messy and organic looking - the idea of a series of mouths, or rows of teeth, while freaky looking, isn't exactly disturbing looking - at least not to me - because it's so surreal looking. So I tried making it look a little more fleshy and gross and I'm totally happy with the results.

Originally the shoot was to be done with another friend of mine, who likes the weirder/darker stuff, in another province in a really old, amazing looking cemetery - but that didn't happen for a couple reasons. I decided I need to get this shoot done and was looking into contacting some of my regular folks when a friend of the original model contacted me and we arranged it all right away and within a week had the shoot done.

This is actually the fastest makeup/photo shoot I've ever done. The makeup took six minutes to apply. I did make the piece all up beforehand - but I always do - but this one, because it requires next to no blending, was literally just slapped on, a little fiddling with the edges to get them to lay down and a quick blending with the makeup along the edges and six minutes later were were done. I also was doing them makeup out of the back of a car in a church parking lot beside a major roadway. I never took the time to notice if anyone was watching us.

And there you go. I will be selling these, but only on Etsy I think, or at least only when I have one made, I'm not going to offer them them up otherwise. It's a thick piece, so it takes a lot of foam and there's a buttload of the resin teeth that have to be made, so this one will be a little pricier than normal, I'm thinking $70.

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