Monday, January 11, 2016

The Monkey Rodeo Box

I'm looking for as much feedback as possible, I know it'll be hard to get this information out to a wide enough audience to get a good gauge on this idea, so I'm asking people to repost, share, tweet, or whatever social media format you feel will get the word out and respond in whatever manner works best. I'll try to describe this with as much detail as possible.

The idea is this, a Monkey Rodeo Box, much like Loot Crate, Nerd Block or the countless other "crates" "boxes" "blocks" or what have you, that are out there. While those are often boast a large subscription rate, featuring a wide variety of mass produced products every single month, I can't do those kind of numbers, so I'll be offering up a very limited number of boxes containing Monkey Rodeo exclusive products. I will not be buying and repackaging products from any other manufacturers. If I can't make it, it won't be in the box. I may choose to make an exception down the road, but I don't see any need to right now.

So here's my plan as simply as I can put into one sentence - "to offer a bi-monthly box, alternating between two themes". Because my business is really broken into two sections, prosthetics and props, the themes will be The Demon Disguise Box (makeup, other wearable latex products, and/or whatever might pertain to prosthetics/makeup) and The Demonic Antiquities Box (props and shit). The logic being that I have two customer bases and they not be interested in both sides of what I do, so there's something for each customer base.

The Demon Disguise Box will include a full face prosthetic - probably a Limited Run piece, so it won't be just something I normally stock. A pair of ears or horns (random with each box). A 1/2 or 1/4 latex mask, or horns. And a 8.5"x11" print from one of my shoots (or whatever size fits into the box without being folded, bent or crushed).

The Demonic Antiquities Box will include a new prop (available in the box exclusively or months before being release for regular sale online), a DVD of one of my terrible movies, Two other small random props (either an item no longer available for sale or made custom for the box). I'm hoping to boast at least one of these things will be a Cthulhu item as well.  I'm still working out the details of what I want to do with this box, so this could change.

Now since this is all my own work, made by hand and all that, the prices won't be cheap. I'm estimating $40 per box (CAD) with a normal retail value of around $70-$100 (possibly even more with the props box, so it's a good deal), plus shipping to Canada and the US only for right now. The reason I'm limiting my shipping locations is to get a flat rate on the boxes and make ordering faster. Instead of having to through the normal process of emailing me, you'll be able to do the checkout on your own right away, either through my site via Paypal or through Etsy - but you can still email me directly about it if you really need to.

You can order just one, or a full subscription to one (which is really only 3 boxes a year) or even to both (which would be 6 boxes a year).. The schedule would work basically like this:

Jan 1st - Demon Disguise Box goes on sale until Feb 15th. Ships Feb 25th.
Mar 1st - Demonic Antiquities Box goes on sale until April 15th. Ships April 25th.
May 1st - Demon Disguise Box, (all new items), sale ends June 15th, ships June 25th.
July 1st - Demonic Antiquities box (all new items), sale ends Aug 15th, ships Aug 25th.
Sept 1st - Demon Disguise Box, (all new items), sale ends Oct 15th, ships Oct 25th.
Nov 1st - Demonic Antiquities box (all new items), sale ends Dec 15th, ships Dec 25th.

It won't specifically start in January though, it could be June, July or  October of this year, or maybe even January of next year, that's all up in the air, but the days of month and the length of time the boxes are available are what I'll be sticking to hopefully, if the logistics work out. It'll be on sale roughly 45 days, ships 10 days later.

As for the number of boxes, as I mentioned earlier, I can't compare to the volume since all this is handmade, so I'm limiting it to a very, very small number, 20 boxes per sale. So 60 Demon Disguise boxes in a year, 60 Demonic Antiquities Boxes per year. 120 boxes in total a year. That might seem low, but again, these ARE NOT mass produced, pre-made items, remember that - as far as I know (and I could be totally wrong, so feel free to correct me and give me an example) no one else is making boxes like these with all handmade on demand items. Even the DVDs I'll be selling I'm printing myself.

Unfortunately I won't be doing cool custom printed boxes, it's a matter of volume and cost,  and my volume's too low making my cost too high or out of the minimum range of a lot of printers out there. I'm not interesting in paying $8 or more for a box, it defeats the whole purpose if I'm spending so much on what amounts to nothing more than a neat disposable container. Now that's my response to what I've found in a couple hours of online research into custom box printing and even printing on stock boxes - if someone out there knows someone or is aware of a business that can do low volume colour printing for in the vicinity of $2 per box, that would be awesome - but as far as I know, not happening. So regular old mailers it will be, probably with some custom stickers to identify it though.

That's about it I think.If this is something you think you'd be interested in, awesome, please let me know and if there was something you'd like to see included in either box, suggest away - but be reasonable please.

The easiest place to contact me is on Facebook on The Monkey Rodeo page itself:

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