Sunday, April 17, 2016

Xulanja Demon (12 Months of Demons - April)

I'm going to try to make sure each of my 12 Months of Demons are somewhat visually dramatic, so this month we went with this:

Overall it's pretty simple, prosthetic-wise, and even the makeup job itself was pretty quick. I once again used the cow, but this time I removed the original ears and attached two considerably larger ones. The horns are new as well, there was a minor defect in the original mould so I doubt I'll ever be adding them to my ship - I might redo them at some point, they were simple enough to make. And a forehead piece that was from an old commission job.

I've heard heard/read not to use the colour red for makeup. I assume it's more for film than photography because of who hard red is to deal with on film, but it's too bad because I'm finding it makes for the best shoots. Something about that colour really work nearly perfectly for these shoot in creating a striking looking character - in this case it works because the environment came out greenish in the post process.

And for some reason I think I'm incapable of decent symmetry when it comes to horns. One of the reasons I've no desire to work in film is that I don't love the makeup process, I enjoy doing it as a hobby and not worrying about messing up and costing someone thousands of dollars a minute, because for me it's easy to fix up most sloppy makeup jobs in post - although you can't fix crooked horns, and I've no idea where or what I was looking when I applied the two front horns on this one. But it gives her a little character.

I've got a really great shoot planned for May (several actually, but for the 12 months of Demons specifically), it's going to be a long day of shooting, and it'll be more of a photo essay I guess you could call it. Hopefully it works.

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