Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Prosthetic Sale

Having a bit of a prosthetic sale for the entire month of June. Buy any Full Face prosthetic and get your choice of any pair of Ears prosthetics for free.

There's a few restrictions; only applicable on orders through www.themonkeyrodeo.com and Facebook - NOT Etsy. Rejects and wholesale orders are not eligible either. Dark Elf Ears not available for free for this sale. Only Full Face pieces are applicable, those worth $50 or over.

There's no limits to how many pieces you order or how often. If you buy 5 Full Face pieces (they don't have to be all the same) you can get any 5 pairs of Ears free (they don't have to be all the same type of Ears).

The sale runs the entire month of June, from 12:00am (ADT), Wednesday the 1st to 11:59pm (ADT) Thursday the 30th.

Visit www.themonkeyrodeo.com for more details and to place an email order. Payments can be made through Paypal or Email Interact (in Canada). All prices are Canadian, so if you're in the US, take advantage of our crappy Canadian dollar.

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