Thursday, March 15, 2007

The New and Exciting FireStore FS-4HD

As you can probably see by the picture down below, my new FireStore digital drive finally arrived and we're ready to film again!

Look, it's Happy Fun FireStore!

Well, not just yet - still a few things to work out. I managed to (hopefully) secure the last of my locations for the remainder of Heather's scenes, and I'm pretty happy with them, should be able to get exactly what I was hoping for out of them. We'll be shooting The White Room scene at the old Bascillica (is that spelled right?) Rec Centre - which is now known as Murphy's Community Centre (and to correct all those folks saying it was bought by the "Murphy's", you're wrong, very wrong - it's Ray Murphy of Murphy's Pharmacy), and we'll be filming the finale of the movie there as well - if we can work out the details.

One of the pluses about filming there, besides them being very accommodating and opened minded, is that for the fight scenes I was wondering about getting hold of some gym matts (you know, those big, flat blue things from high school?) and they have piles of them there all for us to use. So another problem solved. The only downside is I have to rent the space, not a huge expense, but one I wasn't planning on - however, since paying for something tends to make it a little more secure, at this point in time I'm more then happy to.

As far as the "work out the details" I mentioned before, concerning the shooting of the finale of movie. I have 2 choices. I can cut it up into 3 sections, which means 3 shooting nights, or I can do it all at once. The 2nd choice is my favorite, since it'll prevent and major inconsistency errors - if we shoot in one place on 3 separate occassions, who knows how much it could change from shoot to shoot. And if we shoot there once and for whatever reason can't get back in - we have to reshoot the first scene - so I'm leaning way towards the 2nd choice.

So how does this work with filming at the Centre? Well, the area I want to shoot in is normally set up with tables, about 50 of them, so they'd have to take them all down and put them all back in place afterwards(doing this only once is obviously a much easier chore then 3 times) and since I have to rent the place, it'd be the difference of a lot of money.

Now the only catch to all this - filming at night, in this location - all at once means an overnight shoot. I wasn't told outright to go away, I was rather happy that they were willing to entertain the notion and that they try to see if someone who works there would be willing to stay there all night with us. So I offered, in addition to rent, to pay this poor person's wage for the duration. I figured it was really the only logical and decent thing to do, especially considering I've got no other options at this point.

So we're still working on that, the overnight shoot, which would signal a very huge turning point in the shooting of this project. I'm hoping it happens, it'll be a lot of work and very tiring probably, but there's really no other options right now and right now is when it has to happen.

That's pretty much it for now.

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