Thursday, July 19, 2007

Piles of stuff on the way

I just finished placing several orders with some online companies for a whole pile of prosthetics for the movie - about 12 different pieces, mostly foreheads, a few ears and a couple different horns. Most of this is for the Boardroom Scene coming up in a couple weeks. All I can say is, it's going to be a freakshow.

As well, I have some more props on the way as well. Three custom made, Lovecraft inspired books - in look, not text. I don't know if there's actually any text in the books, but it's more about the visual of the books then anything. They're made by the same guy who made the book I've already used in the movie in the Library Scene - and these ones put this little guy to shame. I think the description said one of the books is almost 20 pounds it's so huge...I could be wrong there, not sure but I should be finding out soon.

I'm even getting a flintlock pistol for one scene - luckily it's coming from Canada so no more pesky customs problems. Although I actually have a pretty good in with customs now should I be ordering any more weird stuff from across the boarder.

As far as other props, I'll be making a bit of a roadtrip in about 2 weeks to go looking for some more odd little trinkets and things to fill out the Shaman's Lair scene. Since I'll be done of work in about 2 weeks this is my vacation time. I'll be back to the movie, as well as making a bit of a dive into Dan Caseley's movie.

So that's it for now

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