Friday, August 03, 2007

At last count

I started thinking about just how much crap went into this movie, the numbers of it all basically, and here’s what I came up with.

Special effects shots: 300-400 at this point, that covers everything from masking out areas, digital backgrounds, touch ups and adding in CG actors.

Digital matte paintings: 8 (could be 9 or 10 depending on certain things in post production)

Locations: 15 (a few scenes were shot on the same location, as well as various smaller scenes were shot all about Charlottetown)

Weapons: 13 different ones, 15 in total featured in the movie.

Props: Somewhere over 50 different props throughout the entire movie. I never was good at keeping track of this sort of thing.

Actors: 32 main, supporting and extras (I could be wrong on this, I keep forgetting certain smaller roles)

Computer generated/digitally altered actors: 7

Human characters: 12

Non-human characters: 35

Individual roles in total: 47

(The numbers don’t exactly add up because a few folks play a few different characters)

Prosthetics: 18 pieces (various foreheads, ears, horns and foreheads, I could be under by 2 or 3 pieces)

Contact lenses: 7 pairs, 1 single lense

Wigs: 4 (more then I originally planned actually.)

Costumes: I can’t even begin to count this. There were some that were just “come as you are” other were planned out and purchased - I’ll have to check this.

Overall this adds up to a buttload of work I don’t think I was expecting to encounter. That’s not to say I’m annoyed at it by any means, it’s just a little overwhelming when you start too look at it like this.

In other news...

I'm finished work for the time being so I'm starting in on getting the rest of the shoot organized. I have to sort out The Boardroom and Pyre's Lair scenes, there's 14 different extras in those scenes I need to outfit and almost all of them will be turned into demons of some sort. I have to suss out what prosthetic will best go with what actor and then see if any additional costumes are needed. Fun indeed.

So far good. Most all the new makeup is in, should all be here by next week. Also, I just bought a new digital camera for myself - don't worry, this doesn't mean Moe is out of a job by any means, it just means more random, possibly pointless pictures.

Like this: a pile of prosthetics. The last folks I ordered from shipped everything in funky little boxes, normally they're just in sealed bags. There's about 8 more pieces on the way too. These are for The Council of The Botherhood, and a couple are for Pyre's Wives.
Funny, I never thought I'd ever end up doing something like collecting weapons, but this movie has sort of gotten me into it big time. When I first spoke to Graham about his part as Gortch, Pyre's hired muscle I asked him what kind of weapon would he like. And this is what he requested - I should point out I didn't get this JUST for this one small part in the movie, but that's how I justified it.

It's just a replica, the barrel is actually solid about 4 inches in and there's a screw sticking up into it if you can manage to peer into it. The action on it works though, so that's kind of cool. It's about a foot in length I think.

And to prove just how pointless and random my pictures for the duration of this blog will be now, I give you this:

There's a reason Doctor Who Season 1 costs so much, it not only is fun to watch, it doubles as an awesome cat pillow. I hope Season 2 is this good.

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