Friday, August 24, 2007

First of the extra footage

Like with any production, or so I'm assuming, there's always the chance of needing some new footage after you think you're pretty much done. This is the first time I've really encountered that, and perhaps it's because it's the first time I can do it.

Tonight we shot some new Bile Demon footage, nothing that will completely change the already finished scene, it'll just add some extra Bile Demony goodness to it. Since things are usually rushed feeling, and the original shoot was no exception - it was a 7 hour + shoot - in our haste to get it over and done with, we didn't have the mindset of getting more footage of the demons themselves.

I set up the lights, a black screen and Draper came over, we redid the makeup (the prosthetic was still in near perfect condition) and we just ad-libbed some stuff, some stuff I had ideas of how it would work with the existing footage. So we got probably 20 or so new shots, maybe 5 will be used.

My main reason, as I mentioned before being in a hurry, I kinda wished after seeing the final edit that I had more cutaways and closeups of the demons - so that's what we did. The lighting was a little more setup, the shots we spent more time on - getting certain looks, reactions and all that. I just wanted to really show off the makeup and the contacts, I spent the money, I'd like to see it onscreen really for all it's worth.

I got a couple screenshots here to post, not all will be in the final piece, but they're cool looking.

Of course, if you're wondering right now, "Hey, it's pretty obvious he's just standing in front of some black curtain" then you haven't been paying very close attention. I have enough footage and enough brilliant digital manipulation savvy to insert new backgrounds to match the original on set shots.

So there you go, now you have a slight idea of just how much effort I'm putting into this...god, I hope it doesn't suck.

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