Monday, August 06, 2007

New scene for movie...

Man, I've so got to finish this movie soon before it become longer then Lord of the Rings.

I've been doing some rewriting on the last few scenes, tightening up the dialog so it makes a little more sense, doesn't meander and all that. I have most everything done, cut out a few things here and there, but one scene in particular was causing a bit of trouble as I looked it over this morning.

As I've mentioned before, these scenes are the explanation scenes - without them you won't know what's going on, who the bad guys are and why they're doing whatever it is they're doing. So they're pretty important and need to really explain what's going on very concisely.

This scene involves on 2 characters, so it's an easy rewrite as far as that goes, it explains the origins of not only The Brotherhood, but the main villain as well, or at least his motivation. I ended up turning it into more of a narrative from one of the characters, explaining this one point in history that this all stems from. And as I wrote it I realized it might be better served with a visual.

It was at this point I realized I might be going overboard and really need to finish before I start doing way too much. The scene being narrated involves the few minutes before a potential all out war between a handful of humans and a massive demon army. Well, I'm going to shoot it.

I've got to get some period costumes, find about 5 - 6 actors, take them out into a field and have them banish an entire demon army. Simple enough.

It'll be done as kind of a flashback while the story is being narrated. It's actually a very important part of the movie, since it's actually where everything begins hundred of years ago. The humans are actually a group of demon hunters who become the Brotherhood, and the demon army is lead by Mal'Vash, the big bad of the movie. So I figure the extra effort is worth it. I could pass it off as just a story being told, but why not show it as well. I could be wrong, but in seeing it in my head it'll add just that much more to the overall movie.

So befire anyone freaks out and thinks, "But I thought I was finished filming." You are. This is a single scene within itself, it has no ties other then historical to the rest of the movie. There are no reoccurring characters in this scene.

That's it, nothing earth shattering. Although it's something, I think at least, that should be a really cool visual. I'm going to try to hide the actual look of the demons, so they'll be more implied, or seen from a huge distance. But trust me, it'll be an army of them.

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