Sunday, November 25, 2007

1 more left

...well, that's a lie. There's 2 more left, but the other one is going to be too much fun so I don't count it.

It was a long day. A long day in a good way though. I'm pretty tired, haven't slept too well the last couple nights and on top of this it's really wiped me out.

One thing I noticed, and I've actually always been very conscious of this, is leaving my extras just sitting there in between shots with nothing to do. I freaking hate it. It's always in the back of my mind while I'm shooting something that doesn't really involve them. Are they bored? Is one of them sitting there pissed because they feel like their time is being wasted. I'm trying to plow through some major technical shots and I feel distracted because I'm worried about my extras.

Mind you when you have about 10 of them all cooped up in a very warm room, you should feel distracted by them - otherwise you're probably a dick.

I was doing some really hard shots with Rick tonight, who I'm sure felt like a bit of a confused ass (and he shouldn't, I did a lousy job directing him tonight, so I feel like a confused ass), where he played twins. So it's a basic split screen sort of deal for a couple takes. And I'm pretty sure they're going to look awesome, but the whole time I'm worried about the room of extras sitting there waiting.

I need a 2nd Unit Director or something for this sort of thing.

So, makeup. It went well, nicely on schedule and everything. I didn't feel rushed. I was able to do what I wanted for the most part - so that really helped set the tone for the entire day. I was originally doing 7 people in makeup. Our schedules got juggled and messed up, but ended up working out and I only did 5 people in makeup. In 3 hours at that. Thank god I had Devon to help out.

Me putting some horns and
a little brow piece on Wendy Poirer.

Devon McGregor helped out a lot,
she's doing some work on Rick here.

Myk Hambly's makeup took the longest,
but looked pretty damned cool actually.

Richard Haines getting a final touch up.
And Andrea MacDonald looking like a green DareDevil,
but way less annoying then Ben Affleck.
Sandy Carruthers and Holly Noel were also supposed to be in makeup, but judging from the repeated phone calls all afternoon they seemed like they had a full, if not confusing day, already.

Everyone else involved, Pete Murphy (who hung out at my place with us during makeup and became my driver) played "Cthulhu Jr." (there will be pictures soon, it's a CG character) and on set we met up with Dan Caseley: "The Invisible Man", Steve Gillespie: "Crais", Draper Bulger: "The Guy Not in Makeup or Playing a Character for a Change", Derek Martin:"Grayson" and finally Sandy and Holly showed up as well.

It took awhile to get things going, but everyone seemed pretty patient - even if they weren't. The folks at Sim's Corner were great to deal with, no one seemed to have an issue with demons wandering around their restaurant and going out for a smoke. Well, if they did they never told me so it doesn't count.

We also had to deal with the sudden appearance of a Christmas tree on out set, which I really wasn't expecting and was really not thrilled to see. The manager actually came down and move it for us with no problems at all. And then we were set to go.

I'm going to break this into 2 parts because I really need to crash, so stay tuned for the 2nd half tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. In my opinion and from what I saw dude, the shoot went well. I didn't even bother complaining about being wiped because as soon as I entered the building that "Alright, we're shooting a scene" burst of energy kicked in (and that burst is almost better than amphetamines... Sorry Darryl Zero). No one thought that you were a dick and we were just cracking stupid jokes about the god awful music playing, there was excessive use of the word "knob" for some reason, the now ever popular phrase you coined "sparkley spray shit" was being thrown around a bit and us going upstairs in costume when we weren't needed was pretty funny too (the staff seemed to enjoy it). All in all it felt like we accomplished something, great cast, great times and the tallies of Island Red still taste damn great! Can't wait for part two. Later dude!