Friday, November 23, 2007

Almost done

Kind of hard to believe this thing is nearly done - well, nearly done shooting at least. There's a pretty big shoot coming up this Sunday and although I qualify it as a "big" shoot, it's a pretty easy one.

It's the Boardroom Scene, I've gone on about it dozens of times I'm sure. We're finally getting to it. There was a slight glitch when I lost 6 actors, all extras, but that quickly turned around and I ended up with more then I really needed in the end. I'll be doing makeup for about 3 hours, with the help of an assistant this time, Devon McGregor - who happened to be the first person ever in makeup for this project - will be helping out with the last big makeup scene. Which should have about 6, maybe 7 people in makeup.

I'm pretty happy to be getting this scene over with. Not because it means I only have one scene left to shoot, but because it's the last scene I really have to worry about wrangling several people together at the same time. The following scene is just me and two actors on a readily accessible location.

So things will pretty quiet here once I'm done shooting that last scene, Thursday the 29th. I'm busy getting things back in proper order for a long overdue project I'm working on for someone else. I'll probably post a few things here and there during the course of post-production though, so you never really know.

I've got a busy couple days ahead of me, a schedule was worked out for the other project and right now I'm working on delivering certain aspects of pre-production by certain dates. That should run through for another month and then I'll be into animation. It's a totally animated project, so it's all up to me to get the work done on time.

I'll also be working out a shot list, designing makeup and pre-painting prosthetics until Sunday for The Monkey Rodeo. I'm hoping to have some cool pictures to show off that evening, so check back by Monday morning to see how things went.

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