Sunday, November 04, 2007

2 more scenes left!

It was a long couple days leading up to this one scene and I don't think anyone realizes how close it came to never happening. There were so many little things that kept popped up and nearly ruined the whole thing - luckily it happened and it's done.

I'm just getting home now, taking a quick look at the footage and then time to, more or less, sleep.

The first glitch came early this morning when Amanda Gallant called me sounding horribly stuffed up - it actually sounded a little like a kid pretending to be really sick in hopes of staying home from school, but I'm not complaining. She was looking forward to it, she was supposed to play the 4th wife and look really freaking ugly. Well since she had a cold there was no way she'd have survived even an hour in the makeup, it totally covered up her nose - I don't think I have to say much more. Bad cold + Nose Covered in a Prosthetic Mask = Something No One Really Wants to See.

I tried last minute to work something out and in the end I resigned to removing the character. I have figured up until Amanda volunteered that I'd have to cut it anyway so it was not the end of the world. I think there was enough going on in the scene for it to survive.

I checked into the room at 3 this afternoon, I had Rick help me lug down all the stuff I needed for it. I started setting up, Graham showed up and we started in on his makeup, then one by one everyone arrived, made up and I think it was shortly after 6 we started shooting.

It took awhile to shoot everything, there was just so much I wanted to get coverage of but I had to draw the line eventually. I think I was able to get everything I need - I hope at least. It's difficult when you're dealing with a CG character to make sure you get all their shots, but it's also easy to fix depending on the situation.

I feel like I managed to get enough footage though. I just took a quick run through it all an I think we're covered. It one of those scene that will require some post work to fix certain aspects.

Anyway, so here you go:

We ran this shot a couple time, it's fun to sort of wind Graham up and let him go. This was the first time Derek also really got to do some some stuff, normally things are pretty straight forward with his lines. There's a few outtake done on purpose I may post here over the next couple days.

Yes, for those of you who are wondering,
that is indeed Graham Putnam under there.

Funny how sort of sparse the room looks in this shot.

Nikkie Gallant (Aneska)

Kim Johnston (Emmaline)

Jordan Berzins (Anya)
In case you realize that Anya looks very similar to another character Jarrill/Vanya it's because it's supposed to be her 101st daughter. It all makes some sense when you see the movie, really.

Otherwise that's it really. The folks at the Inns of Great George were awesome to deal with, they let us sneak Graham down the stairs and outside to do a quick entryway shot - we were trying to keep as low a profile as possible. Kelley Keefe was the one I mainly dealt with, so big thanks to her not saying no as soon as I mentioned "a big CG demon and his four wives".

Derek and Graham did a great job, no surprises there really. Jordan, Nikkie and Kim were very patient to just sit there and look pretty. And of course I hope to have some Moe pictures to show off here soon, she made it to this shoot and I think she managed to get some good stuff.

So that's it. There was some debate about leaving this room I'd rented empty for the night, in the end Jordan ended up staying there. Hope she enjoys it. I had to lug all the equipment home myself afterwards, so my shoulders are pretty sore. I think that's all there is to say really...I might think of more by the morning though, who knows.

And I'll leave you for now with a pretty near completed image of Pyre, the centerpiece of the whole scene. If you're wondering why he's smiling like that, you did see his wives didn't you?

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