Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the Monkey Rodeo Book

I've been working on this for months now and I've finally got a finished copy made. There's a few minor mistakes I made so I'm using this as a sort of prototype and making the corrections now. As well I found a couple photos I wanted to use but thought I'd lost, literally hours after I ordered the book to be printed.

It's 92 pages, measures 8x10 inches and has a little over 200 pictures. This version is a hardcover with a dust jacket, it costs about $42. A softcover version is available for $30. I got this done at blurb.com, they have downloadable software for making your own books. It's incredibly easy to use.

Right now I'm doing up the 2nd version, fixing all the mistakes I missed. I've picked a few folks involved heavily in the project to get a copy of these books, everyone else I will collect their emails and give them the info to order one for themselves. After that, I may put the book up for public sale.