Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cronus Update

Well, I'm finally more or less back to work. By that I mean I've hard a hard time getting myself motivated to do anything after overworking myself in January and then losing Scully, but I finally made a bit of a breakthrough today - and on Thomas Jane's birthday at that. If you've no idea who he is, he's on of my favorite actors, even though he's only done a couple good movies. So I spent the day watching a few of his movies and working.

I did some work on some Telos stuff, not awesome fun - but it's coming along and I'm sort of finding some enjoyment in it again.

The bigger news is that I think I've finally worked out the plot to Cronus - the next of the Monkey Rodeo short movies. The reason, if you haven't been following, that this is a bit of a big deal is that it's a massively twisted and complicated idea to fit into a 5-15 minute time frame.

It's basically the Maltese Falcon in 5-15 minutes, but with demons. That's my easy explanation. I've been working and reworking everything to make all the character's motivations work, and their interest in the MacGuffin of the movie - the Gateway Key to Hell. And after dozens of plot outlines I finally got one that works, and not only works, but works really well. I managed to get all the details I wanted to have in there to make it work.

Now, I just have to write it. That's the easy part for now. I'm planning on having a first draft by March 1st.

Also, I'm hoping to get to work on the prosthetics big-time next week. I really need to see if this is going to work or not and soon. My deadline to shoot this is mid-April, not too bad. There's still time.

We'll see how things go.

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