Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cronus so far...

So far this project is going really well. The script came together at just the right time, at least it seemed that way. So far casting is going well. I haven't met with everyone yet, but so far I think I made the right choices.

Location scouting hasn't totally started yet, at this point I'm just sort of working out exactly what I'll need. I have several options for most locations. the hardest location will be Cronus's Office - mainly because there will be a major fight scene there. I wanted to really go overboard and pay an homage to the fight scene from The Punisher with the Russian.

If you've never seen it, it's a pretty brutal scene. They almost destroy an entire apartment - going through walls and doors and whatnot. I'd love to be able to go through walls, but that would involve either finding a larger space to build a set, finding a location that we could destroy or even finding a location that we could just create a false wall without damaging the existing place too much.

None of these are really viable options with my time line and budget unfortunately. There's also the added hassle of props for the office. The most important piece is one of those Partner's Desk - those big mahogany desks that weigh a ton. There's just no way I could find one, or afford to have one taken to a location - so I decided to try building a cheap one and making it look as good as possible.

It's not soon too much and I've ways around showing too much of it. Then I came up with the idea - if I build it, why not build it to destroy it. I can't go through a wall, but I can smash through a desk a lot easier and way more safely. I discounted balsa wood because it's way too expensive for such a large prop and it's still wood - I'm not comfortable having an actor thrown through a wooden surface, back first at that, to have him smash it to pieces. Splinters and all that.

I'm sure someone might think they have a brilliant alternative - but it's not them paying for it, making it or going through it - so I don't really care what they think. I can make a desk with styrofoam for about $50, damned near exact, and very safely have someone smash through it.

If it wasn't black and white, it probably wouldn't work very well. I don't think desks are made from pink wood. i just have to hope we get it perfect in one shot - not enough time or money to make 2 desks.

I'm slowly working on costumes and makeup ideas. I hope to get some reference photos of everyone within the next week to design everything. By April I'm hoping to have the costumes taken care of, as well as the locations and the makeup at least well underway.

We'll see how this all works out. So stay tuned, this should be interesting.

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  1. I dig the titles font. This is going to be good.