Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Monkey Rodeo Project Update

I'm pretty sure I stated this before, but in case I didn't, the main point of the project is to create a bunch of short movies from the same world as Malice. I'm hoping to do around 10, although the number has been changing from time to time as some projects get cut and some even combined. For instance I wanted to do an old 50's style Atomic Age monster movie, and then I wanted to do a 3D one as well, so they became one.

There was an computer animated one I wanted to do, a prequel to Malice, but I cut it for now since doing 3D animation is my day job and I just didn't feel like taking on something so huge, regardless of how short it might be.

And more were added and dates were pushed around. I was hoping to do them all this year, but if I want to do them justice, a couple have to be pushed back to next spring.

So there's the updated list so far:

Demon Rum - already finished!

Cronus - starting production in early May. I still have a lot of work to do to keep it on track, but so far so good.

Untitled Giant Monster Movie - this one gave me a lot of trouble. I very clearly set out what I wanted to do with this and how simple I wanted it to be and it wasn't working at all. So that lastest idea will end up being several small little segments. Sort of a write-in show on "facts about giant monsters." We'll see how this progresses. I intend to shoot it in June.

Bimbo Zombie Killers - shooting in early July. This one is fairly easy to set up, there's minimal props, just a lot of gore and a massive cast of extras will be needed - so far so good though.

The Horrible Alien Brain Monsters from Outer Space in 3D - the script is nearly done, should be good to shoot this in August. Since it's an old 50's style movie, sets are minimal and cheap, as are costumes and acting. Should be fun.

Karl (Working Title) - a documentary about Karl, a demonic antiquities dealer. Inspired by The Office and Extras.

Grayson and Gortch - still working on the script, although the plot is worked out. There'll be lots of makeup and FX in this one, I'll need to make sure I have enough time to work it all out. Should be ready to shoot in September.

Squad Z - probably next spring/summer. The script is being worked on, it'll have to be translated to Japanese first though. Lots of costume work to be done.

The Brotherhood - next summer. Loads of costumes, sets, props and makeup. This is going to be a very epic short. I really want to make sure we make something that looks good, not campy, but seriously good. We'll even be building - hopefully - a set for the final scene. Way more to come on this one.

Untitled Musical - next spring/summer. Insprired by Dr. Horrible I decided we should really do a musical. Joss Whedon makes it look way too easy though. I'm working out a plot and we'll wind the music through it. I was hoping to do it this year, but that's just not going to happen with the amount of work needed.

That's it.

EDIT: I forgot about the Karl documentary so I added it back into the list and removed the untitled 10th project. It was just an idea anyway, there was no script.


  1. Looks like you won't be bored for the next year !!

  2. This is going to be EPIC... Animatrix move over, The Monkey Rodeo Project is in full effect!

  3. I wants in! I want to build sets and carry stuff and be an extra in every scene and if u need a skinny 11 year old boy .. he wants in too ! he wants a lead role or the dirtiest Bitch job,.. he wants it all.. must remember to bring shoes for next time though. although was a lot of fun!