Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slow Progress

After a couple weeks of steady progress, things feel like they've kinda come to a halt. We're still 5 and a half weeks off from the target shooting date, mostly everything is taken care of - but the prosthetics are still nowhere.

So far I've yet to even get a decent lifecast to start working with - without which I can't do anything else. The sculpting part I'm not worried about. It's the mold making and final prosthetic I'm still iffy on. I'll first have to create workable mold before I can even start thinking about making the foam latex and then baking it. In reality, if I had a single good day to work on it will full access to everything I need, I should be able to crank something out - that has yet to happen though.

Cronus Prosthetic sketch

I'm hoping the next week will show some significant progress on this part, or I'll have to seriously start rethinking things.

The major locations are taken care of. The bulk of the costumes are as well. Most of the props are too. This is all that's left really, while 5 weeks is easily enough time to do it all - should I not have enough supplies, shipping time could seriously screw things up. It's hard to find a lot of this stuff in Canada and anything coming through the border isn't really time reliable.

Luckily none of the prosthetics should be too elaborate. And if I have all the mold ready at the same time, there's a good chance I won't waste too much of the materials for creating the final prosthetic. Still, I'll be ordering more as soon as possible just in case.

We'll see how the next week progresses.

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