Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Massive Oversight...

You've heard the phrase "too smart for your own good?" Well, I have a whole new perspective on it.

All this time, while I was so impressed with myself having created all the CG characters for Malice, I neglected to ever do an animation test. Had I done that, I would've found out that it won't work. The models are too complex as they are and after rendering one frame there's not enough memory left to immediately render even a second frame. Which, if you haven't guessed yet, makes it rather impossible to render a full video sequence.

So, after some minor research I'm back on track. I've had to reassemble the materials used to texture the characters and use a slightly different method to create the finer details and finally render the characters. So far the tests are going well - shouldn't have too many problems now. You never know though.

And in other news: Cronus is progressing really well. Almost too well. The locations are nearly all taken care of. The costumes are well on their way to being done. The props are sussed out and will be hunted down, made or purchased over the next few weeks. And I should be cranking out a prosthetic or two within the next 2 weeks.

We had a script reading, the first time I've ever done such a thing, with all the actors (who actually have lines) the other night. It went well, no changes are being made in the script, that's promising.

The optimist in me is taking this at face value and that all is well. The pessimist in me is waiting for something to go wrong, as it usually does. In any case, the project is ahead of schedule - which never happens, hence the pessimism.

Adrian and Draper

Pete and Natasha

That's all for now.

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