Thursday, April 02, 2009

New camera and other stuff

The last couple days have been pretty busy, with all my various projects and work. I’ve been kinda concerned that Cronus might end getting pushed back because of some minor issues with the office fight scene.

Originally we’d planned to make out own breakaway furniture. While that was a good idea, it meant the furniture was no good for the previous scenes, we would have to be careful around the stuff to make sure it held up long enough to be destroyed. Plus there was the added time and money needed to get the supplies, have them delivered, make and test everything. That began to seem like less of a good idea to me.

So we’re going to attempt to do this with real furniture, pre-broken right before the scene. That allows use to really use it in the previous scenes and not have to hide certain things in the fight scene. Plus the time and money it saves is a huge load off my mind. Odd that it’d be cheaper to just buy a desk and chop it in half, then to construct one from styrofoam – maybe it’s not odd, seems that way to me though.

And there’s the added fact that both the fake and real desk will break the same way, so why bother using the fake.

Did some costume work today, that’s going really well. I thought I’d have to get a suit tailored for Natasha, playing the character of Lilith, but instead we found a really cheap but awesome looking trench coat at The Greenman (I figured I’d give them a plug since they have awesome stuff and are really affordable). Anyway, we were all much happier with the new costume idea for her then the suit we originally had and it looks way more stereotypical for the genre.

I’ve finally gotten my new video camera. That’s pretty awesome news in itself. Although I have to learn a new way to edit, although in time I’m sure I can wrap my head around it. Once the footage shot, it doesn’t matter what happens – my filming process won’t change, just the editing.

Having just said that about the filming process, the new camera is great in low-light situations. All the reviews I read complained about how crappy it was, well truth be told most cameras are crappy in low light – I’m not sure why they decided to pick on this aspect when I’m beyond impressed.

I guess it all depend on what you’re used to. I read complaints about the manual focus being nearly useless – a matter of opinion, it’s not really as easy to use as I’m sure most people would like, but it does work really well. Guess it all in how you look at it.

I guess that’s pretty much it. I’ve sussed out all the stuff I need for the office set, that’s our main one anyway. It should look great, we’re going to do a major photo shoot with it it with all the actors in costume before we destroy it too. The fight scene will be the last thing shot I think.

I’m also just waiting on more supplies for the prosthetic stuff, I’m hoping to have them mostly ready to do a run of foam latex by end of next week. So stay tuned for either good news or bad news.

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  1. Congrats on your new camera!! Last week, I too got new camera from Best Buy... It is looking so stylish and has great features!!