Friday, April 17, 2009

Things are getting a little hectic

The last couple days, and most likely the next two weeks, have been pretty damned hectic. I've been juggling 3, at times 4 or 5 projects. The main 3 have nearly the same deadline...I've no idea how I managed that.

In any case, they're all coming together, although a little slowly.

I managed to get another prosthetic made, came out pretty good. I had a hard time decided what I wanted it to look like, so I'm sort of on the fence about the final product.

Another sculpt destroyed for a mold.

And the final product.

I decided since I had so much left over the first time I ran a batch of foam, that I'd just make another Bofa prosthetic.

It came out okay, but the tips of the horns are funky...

I'm not sure what caused Bofa's case of funky horns. Odd that for all the blathering folks do online about how to do this stuff and all their words of warning - not one (that I've ever come across) ever mentioned what happens what a batch of foam goes wrong. Is it this? I mean, that's definitely wrong, but the number of things that could go wrong in the process it'd be nice to know what common mistakes can be made - I seriously doubt whatever caused this is outside of the norm.

What I did differently was let this one sit for a coupe hours while the first one baked, I've only got a small oven so one at a time for now. Was it that? Was it because it cooked for too long? Another thing I've never heard anyone caution against and what the results might be.

I think the oven was a little hot since the molds cracked, not enough to ruin them at least.

Anyway, kind of annoys me with so many people impressed with their skills at doing this have never taken the time to actually describe the results of what can happen if something goes wrong. There's only a fairly small number so cataloging the results wouldn't be that big of a deal. I'm not expert, otherwise I'd do it myself.

Anyway, while someone who knows more then me ponders this, I'll move on.

Props! I finally got a couple minor office props in for Cronus. While they're not an "Oh my god, those are so awesome I'm going blind because I'll never see such wonders again!" sort of thing, they are pretty cool - because they're real antiques. Not replicas.

I got them pretty cheap at a place out west called They have some cool stuff, mostly kitchenwares.

We should be finishing up the paint job on the office set tomorrow and over the next two weeks we'll be getting things set up. I'll have some photographic evidence to prove it later.

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  1. I still can't believe that you found that radio and fan dude... vintage. Thank goodness the painting is almost done! Also, you've touched base with all of the actors so you're definitely making progress! :D At least your plate will be cleared a little when you've finished up work with the game.