Monday, April 13, 2009

Lilth Prosthetic

Just a quick update on the prosthetic situation. This is my 2nd attempt at sculpting the prosthetic for the character of Lilith, again for Cronus. The original one I never took any photos of because I really just didn't like it once I saw it done. It had a brow ridge with small under, that looked like they were under the skin - and if it sounds kinda cool, it wasn't. Really.

I cranked this one out last night and worked on it more this morning. It's not perfect, I had a hard time because I confined myself to not using horns on this forehead since both Cronus and Bofa had very prominent horns - seemed redundant to do it again with Lilith.

I'll most likely do the negative mold of this tonight and hopefully do another batch of latex this week. I'm also thinking I might create some cheek scales on her ask well. They'll be pretty simple, somthing like Mystique from X-Men.

I have some props arriving this week, a few things being fabricated and I'll contruct it myself and hopefully we'll have the office set painted and cleaned up by this weekend. And we'll be moving stuff in over the next couple weekd after that.

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