Friday, April 24, 2009

Very minor update.

The paint job on the office set is finally finished. It took so long because I had too much going on the last couple weeks to really stick at for any period of time and just dropped by and did an hour here and there. So that's done, we'll be moving the props and whatnot in this week.

The costumes are pretty much taken care of I think. Just a few minor things to check - I'm meeting with all the actors on Sunday on the location and they'll be in costume. Any changes will be pretty quickly made since we start shooting on May 3rd.

One major change, and this has yet to be confirmed, we're moving our one location, outside of the current building we're shooting all our other scenes in, into the same building as well. As I was leaving today I took a bit of a look around the main entrance and noticed just how much like the Havilland Club it looked like. It'll have to be cleaned and dressed a bit, but it does save me a rental cost and trying to book it for the exact date we need to shoot.

I'll have to light it and give a look on camera after the meeting on Sunday.

The prosthetics are nearly all completed. The Bofa and Lilith ones are finished, I need to make one or two more depending. Cronus is sculpted and the molds are ready to go, I'll be running a batch of foam tomorrow and we'll see how that turns out. The prosthetic for the character of the Thug should be good to go early in the week. It'll be a bit of a busy week with 3 deadlines converging. I'm not look forward to it.

And depending on how things go, we might see a trailer for Cronus up by first week of May. It's just a matter of how rushed things feel with the shoot. Consolidating our locations into one building has made it somewhat easier already.

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  1. All in all... good meeting today! Can't wait to start setting up the office :D