Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How's this for crazy sounding...

We worked on the office set for Cronus today, we got it all prepped and a first coat of paint on there. It's looking so much better. But before we went to paint, we were sort of killing time, Draper and I went to Cash Converters for a second (if you don't know what that is, it's just a 2nd hand/pawn shop sort of place) and guess what I found there?

My video camera that had been stolen back on Dec, 2006. I was pretty sure it was mine since I think Pete Murphy and I were the only two on PEI who had a Canon GL1 and Pete's camera is at my place. I took a look at it and it had the battery release broken, just like mine did. So I called the cops, got the serial number all sorted out and whatnot and yes, it was mine. I even know, although I'm not sure if I'm supposed to, the name of the person, and their address, who brought it in.

Now I don't know if this person was the one who actually stole it, or if she (yes it was a she) just happened to eventually come into possession of it somehow along the line. For all I know this person may have come into legitimate possession of it somehow (as legitimate as it can be at least when dealing with stolen goods) and upon realizing it didn't actually work - decided to pawn it off.

I was told she didn't actually pawn it though, it was simply on loan - she traded it for cash, and then supposedly was going to come back and pick it, effectively buying it back for the same price plus interest. If that makes sense. What makes it seem a little more odd is that she put it on loan for only $80...A camera originally worth $3700 and a Firestore drive for $1000, she only wanted $80. Seems desperate to me, regardless how clueless she was the camera's actual worth.

And luckily, this person was obviously so broke - or useless - she couldn't even afford to pay back $80. Or she was well aware it was no good and was thinking $80 was better then nothing. And actually the camera works perfectly fine, if you know what you're doing. This person wasn't that smart. In any case, she she let it go for so long, it went out on the shelf and there I found it.

So, I got my camera back. I've moved on from it, I don't really need it anymore. It is nice to have it resolved and hopefully whoever stole it, be the idiot who put it on loan for $80 or not, gets caught.

Otherwise, Cronus is moving along quite well by the way.

I'm still debating if I should post the supposed thief's name here, just to see if anyone local who reads this might know something she otherwise might not be inclined to tell the police once they question her.

UPDATE: Okay, part of me sort of feels bad for calling this person an idiot and whatnot. The more I think of it, it just doesn't make any sense and I'm starting to believe she might not even have had a clue about where the camera came from or anything.

But she is still an idiot for selling it for $80. That insult I will stand by.

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  1. Don't feel bad calling that person an idiot due. In every possible scenario involving the camera and firestore (stolen by her or not), she was a complete idiot. With that being said... WHAT A CRAZY ASS COINCIDENCE THAT WE WERE THERE!!! There was this crazy old guy going on about how he wanted to buy it and he was hoping that we all would find out that it wasn't your stolen camera. He kept whining and bringing up to EVERY staff member (and I mean all 8 of them) that he wanted to purchase that camera SOOOOOOOO badly. Yeah, so badly that he tried to haggle the price down 3 times for what would be to him... a broken camera... HAHAHAHA!