Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bofa Prosthetic Update

I pried the molds apart last night, cleaned them all up and was pretty impressed. The molds looks good - not visually, they're a little sloppy around the edges - but they should work perfectly.

This is the pile of clay chunks that was left of the sculpt after I pulled the molds apart. Kinda sad to see something you worked on for so long get destroyed, that's how the process works though.

And here's the finished, cleaned molds. They fit together really well without any clunking around - which can damage them of course.

So the next thing is to test it. I'll need to get more gelatin though. I'm pretty sure it'll work just fine, although I am a little concerned about getting the foam into the horns. That's going to be tricky.

Otherwise, I'm just waiting for some props to arrive and hopefully we'll be painting the office set next week and moving things in over the course of the month until we're ready to shoot. So far the office is shaping up really well, although only on paper at this point - we've yet to really start work on the actual set.

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  1. That clay pile is kind of sad looking. It's like, "look at all of my hours of work... right there... in a pile of debris... this is so sad". Well, at least you will get a kick ass prosthetic out of it.