Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Monkey Rodeo Shop

The Shop is up and running now, as good as it's going to get for the moment - not that it means it's a crappy piece of ineffectual online retail garbage, just that it's rather limited for the moment. Right now there's just a few foam latex prosthetic makeup appliances for sale, more coming soon enough.

I'm hoping soon to get some foam weapons online, a fake foam axe, fake foam sledgehammer and a fake foam vampire stake (which isn't working out so well at the moment). Otherwise I've been busy getting these badyboys ready. Severed Fingers! They're made from a soft flexible silicone. There'll be a male finger and thumb and a female finger and thumb - debating about making severed toes as well.

They'll go for $12 each, or a batch of all 4 different digits for $40 and if I can get the PayPal to properly work it, I'll allow for a mixed batch of 4 digits at the same price.

Here's the first batch in their raw, just pulled from the mould state - there will be more work done on them to finish them up for sale. Hoping to get them online this week if I can.

Until then, if you haven't seen the website, feel free to pay a visit.

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