Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vampires and Hostages

This is directed to folks on Prince Edward Island, unless you plan on being here in about 3 weeks time, this might not be all that interesting.

For the movie "Grayson & Gortch" we're doing a scene that's basically a raid on a junkie vampire den. Our two main characters meet for the first time and have a brief chat while they slaughter a house full of crazed vampires. The scene also involves some hostages being held by the vampires.

So what I'm looking for are about 12 vampires. I've got a few right now, I think 3 or 4. I need fairly agile people, since they will be running in short bursts - right before being killed. So there will also be some stuntwork involved as well, it won't be simple. So if you're not even vaguely athletic, this might not be for you.

There will be prosthetic makeup involved, just a vampire forehead. As well as false teeth, hopefully. These teeth are just cheap caps that we might have to fasten on with gum.

Dress like a homeless person, there will be blood as well, so nothing you don't mind getting stained.

I'm looking for mostly adults at this point. Although I don't mind if I end up with 1 or 2 younger vampires, just be aware it's slightly violent, there'll be some cursing and swearing and it could be bloody.

I might double up by taking some of my vampires and making them hostages as well, since we never see all of them ever together in a scene. I need about 4. So if you're coming out to be a vampire, dress normally, but again nothing you don't mind getting dirty, I may make you into a hostage first then into a vampire.

We will be shooting this late September/early October on a Sunday morning just outside of Charlottetown. I've no idea how long we'll be shooting. The scene is about 3-4 pages, so roughly 4 hours at least. Not everyone will be require to stay the entire shoot - but you're more then welcome to stick around if you want to watch.

If you haven't read this somewhere else or mentioned you wanted to be involved - this is volunteer work as well - you can email me at and let me know. I'll be in touch with everyone at least a week before the shoot.

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