Thursday, November 25, 2010

Silas Wynne's Club 13

I did another photo shoot last night, this time rather then featuring one prosthetic, I did 3, two of which I had never used until now and one of which were the ear pieces I'd made recently. I've been holding off on making more because I wasn't sure how well they'd work out and I have to say I'm really impressed with the result, easily just as good as any professionally made prosthetic ears I've ever purchased.

So very soon I'll be putting these new pieces online - although I forgot to get photos of the raw, unpainted ears - I'll have to do that soon as well.

Anyway, here's some pictures, the initial idea was a sort of 70s lounge lizard kind of thing, I ended up calling it Club 13. The groovy dude in the middle of the picture below is a fellow Karl knew back in the early 70s called Silas Wynne (Draper Bulger), a Thuul Demon who own a place by the name of Club 13 - which was also the hottest place back in the day for demons to go out and enjoy themselves. With him are two two infamous Kane sisters (Heather Panton and Aleshia Farrell), not much was really known about them, other then they had supposedly had affairs with several important human political figures and as a result had amassed a small fortune through blackmail. Awesome stuff.

Overall it was a pretty easy shoot, the makeup took next to no time despite doing 3 people at once - but that's because the girls just had the ears and forehead pieces. During the shoot, Kim Johnston took some video footage, I'll be throwing it all together into a short video to be posted late today hopefully.

Here's the prosthetics used in this shoot:

Thuul Demon Prosthetic Image Thuul Demon

$50.00 CAD

More Info

G'Lorn Demon Forehead Prosthetic Imgage G'Lorn Demon Forehead

$20.00 CAD

More Info

Demon Ears Generic Demon Ears (Type A)

$20.00 CAD

More Info

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