Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mada the Vampire and other stuff

A short video, shot by Kim Johnston, of the last photo shoot I did with Julia Laforest as Mada the Vampire.

Finally got around to putting this online, even though it was edited about a week or more ago. Anyway, things have been slightly busy, fairly annoying and some other stuff I can't really remember at the moment.

The editing on Grayson & Gortch is coming along well. Just one scene left, half a scene really. So far it's pushing 20 minutes and this last scene is probably the longest of the movie, so it should be a decent length. It'll definitely not be a boring movie, even if it doesn't make total scene because it's moving so fast.

Still waiting to hear about the grant I applied for for the "Demons" by Karl Wenham project - that's been a bit of a source of annoyance.I'd love to rant about it, but I'm too annoyed by how long it's taking to bother. Regardless of the outcome whenever I do finally hear about the grant, I'm going to start up a campaign on IndieGoGo and see if something comes of that. Should have that up and running in a few days if not sooner.

Otherwise not much going on. I've got no supplied so I haven't been working on anything aside from one new prosthetic. It's looking pretty funky though. Can't wait to be able to make the mould and do a shoot with it, should be cool.

And that's it, probably won't be posting anything until the photo shoot next week.

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