Sunday, December 05, 2010

Vampire photo shoot

I did a photo shoot with Julie Laforest today, done up as a vampire at a local lounge, 42nd Street, and while I'm pretty happy with most of the images I don't think my head was quite into it today because when I look the pictures I can't help think I could've done so much more with that location and whatnot. Then again, things were very limited because of the lighting up there. I brought in some lighting, but it wasn't entirely enough - as a result, keeping things in focus was a little tricky and some of the pictures weren't as sharp as I'd hoped. Ah well, they still look good, just means I should really look at investing in some good lenses.

I think the makeup turned out great, the fangs, as cheap as they were looked great and even the fake blood I made up for Julie to actually drink - yes, this was totally drinkable and pretty damned realistic looking blood. Overall I'm pretty happy with the images and as usual Julie was willing to put up with the makeup and did a great job.

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  1. The pictures turned out awesome, I had lots of fun!!