Monday, December 13, 2010

Too much to do and not enough time (or money mostly).

Things tend to bottleneck rather often on me. And that always seems to coincide most proportionally to how poor I am. In any case, I have a whole pile of projects I'm trying (or wanting) to work on, but I'm unable due to lack of funds - kind of annoying.

Right now I'm trying to get the trailer to Grayson & Gortch done, almost done - it's been taking forever as it turned out to be a pretty tricky trailer to edit. I think I finally got it all working, if all goes well I could be online within the day.

Otherwise I'm just trying to get things organized with the online shop. I've got a couple props I'd love to put online for sale, but because I currently can't mass produce them for various reasons, or ship them because of lack of proper packaging, I have to just leave it for the moment.

I've got a short video from the Vampire photo shoot I've been wanting to get to, but due to other projects (not mine but I did make a small amount of money off them) that popped up. I'm hoping once the Grayson & Gortch trailer is taken care of I can get to that.

As well I'm trying to get a new script written, it's almost 2 weeks past my self imposed due date. I'm trying to track down a location for another photo shoot and that's been just dead in the water for some time now.

I need to make some progress with Social Lives of the Undead soon too.

There's 2, perhaps 3, web series type projects I have in developement. One is ready to go just waiting on suppliers. One is just a thought in my head that will take very little work to get off the ground. And the 3rd is the one I want to do the most of all, but I've got a tonne of work ahead of me before I can attempt that.

Also, I've been trying to find a local UltraCal 30 supplier - I'm hoping that's done today. I guess we'll see.

And I've been patiently waiting to hear about a grant I applied for that might actually solve about 80% of all these problems. As well as making a 2nd attempt at a program that will allow me to get the business up and running more smoothly.

I think that's it.

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