Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bert Palmerro's - "Addicted to Love"

First, here's the video:

And the awesome rambling story behind it.

Had another video/photo shoot this week. It'd been in the planning for ages it seems, but given the logistics of scheduling it languished around for a month or two. Finally happened, but man it was a rough start.

I was up at 5am, makeup was scheduled for 9am and we were supposed to arrive on location at 11am, where we had the place booked for 2 hours. We had an issue with some of the girls not getting back to us in time to confirm their involvement, as as we got closer I decided to find a replacement and then of course two days before everyone's confirmed in. That irks me, but whatever, everyone was onboard and I felt like a bit of a dick having to tell this one girl I lined up that I didn't need her...And then someone cancelled.

So, Julie, the one I contacted outside of the original 5 contacted by Savannah, was back in but just had her car break down so was unable to make it. I figured I could just drive out and get her, no problem.

At around 8, I contacted Draper, made sure we had all the instruments only to find that he had no keyboard, so a last minute search ensued for a keyboard. I loaded everything into the car and proceeded to drive out to get Julie, only to have my car make some pretty horrendous noises. In the end she took a cab, we found a keyboard and made it to the office where the makeup took a little longer then planned  - couldn't even get into the office at first, thanks to one of the girls, Allison we did.

From there it wasn't too bad. My back was already sore from hunching over doing makeup for about 5 hours on another shoot on Tuesday, this didn't help. At least I had someone else doing makeup with me, Michelle Cudmore. She does normal makeup, this was her first time playing around with prosthetis and she did a really good job, this would've taken forever without her help.

We were a little late to the location, The Guild, but managed to get going about 45 minutes into the 2 hours I had the place booked for. I assumed we'd need a third hour, but we finished shooting about 2 minutes before our time was up. Awesome.

Took some photos in the park, scared some children. Typical day I guess. Overall, pretty happy with the results, even though my car is currently immobile until I find a replacement track arm. Ah well, had nothing to do with the shoot, so who cares.

Everyone did a great job and even though I've thanked everyone a number of times, I'll do it again. Thanks to Savannah Belsher-MacLean for rounding up our "BertPalmerro Girls" and allowing me to use her office, this would've sucked without her help. Kim Bradford for making the dresses, would've cost me a small fortune to outfit everyone properly. Michelle Cudmore for helping with the makeup. The folks at The Guild, especially Eric (whose last name I never caught) the lighting/sound tech who had to endure that song about 6 times.

And finally the models, Draper Bulger, Heather Tasker, Samantha Hughes, Allison Kelly, Robyn Christensen and Julie Laforest - awesome job guys.

And now a couple more pictures I think, even though I said I wasn't going to post many any more.

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  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    As always, a terrific finished product.
    A pleasure working with you Fox.