Monday, June 06, 2011

Bimbo Zombie Killers 2! UNDEAD BY DAWN

CAST AND CREW: If you're interested, send an email here and making sure it's labeled something to do with Bimbos or Zombies. Make sure to read all the crap below before signing up though. Also, this really only pertains to people on Prince Edward Island - but feel free to read on otherwise.

Apparently there was some interest about doing a sequel to Bimbo Zombie Killers! While I had no plans to ever do a sequel, I certainly had no objects if I got some actors interested and had some major assistance in getting it organized.

Well, that has almost happened. And yes, there will be a sequel I believe. And it will be shot in August if all goes as planned, maybe even earlier if things come together. It all hinges on things coming together. I have a lot on the go, so I won't be able to spend my energy making all the arrangements like I normally would for this.

If you're interested, you're down for more then just stumbling around groaning trying to find brains to eat - I need everyone to pitch in however they can. Even if it's just finding a couple more extras for me.

THE STORY: Undead By Dawn is not a direct sequel, in fact you never have had to see the original to even get this movie. It's, I guess, what you call a conceptual sequel. I plan on bring in my two original actors, Draper Bulger and Heather Panton to start the movie off - but that's it. Moonshine will still be the cause of the outbreak and that's as close as it'll get to the original. It won't affect the story of the original, it's not a reboot, in fact both could have actually happened in the same world just so happens that some of the individuals involved might look alike. This is Return of the Living Dead 1 and 2 reference for you hardcore zombie movie fans.

While the original was an homage to 70s splatter grindhouse sort of films, this one will be a direct homage to Evil Dead 1 and 2 (hence the title if you haven't figured it out by now). The first person who thinks they're suddenly intelligent and starts screaming rip off, will indeed get something ripped off - might be their junk, who knows.

The script is underway, the plot is already worked out.

Actors. There will be 5 leads. 3 girls, 2 guys.  I'm looking to cast 1 more guy and 2 more girls - costumes will be similar to the original most likely. So if you're not comfortable being a little skanky and trashy, this probably isn't for you. There may be more parts as the script is developed, so stay tuned.

Zombies, I'll need lots of zombies. These zombies will not be like the original, these will require makeup - and not cheap shitty stuff, we're going all out if possible. So if you've got a beard, you'll probably have to shave it unless I say otherwise. These zombie will be long since dead, coming out the ground redneck zombies. What is a redneck? Do a Google Image search, you'll figured it out. So if you want to be a redneck zombie, you'll need to dress appropriately and costumes will need to be properly distressed as though you've been in the ground for a long time. If you don't like getting dirty, you might want to stop reading and forget all about this.

Location: A cabin in the woods. Doesn't have to be abandoned, but if it is, it has to be usable and with electricity nearby. A shack nearby would be awesome, but we can work around it if there isn't one.. It must be on PEI and preferably near Charlottetown, I don't care for cutesy useless replies - again, ripped off and your junk possibly.

Weapons and Props: I will need some shotguns or something mostly likely. If you got an old double barrel you'd like to part with so I can remove the firing pin to make it safe, that'd be freakin' awesome. Otherwise just let me know if you can help out here and feel free to let me know what weird old farm tools you might have that'd make good weapons.

Special Effects Makeup Assistants: Since there's going to be a lot of old school looking zombies this time around, we're gonna need makeup - a splash of blood just isn't going to cut this time. Obviously there's not too many local folks who know a lot about applying special effects prosthetics makeup, so I'll be giving those who want to volunteer for this a crash course at some point.

As usual this is all volunteer. Please don't sign up if you're not going to show up, you'll just make it more difficult.

And finally, any questions or concerns or anything about this project, please ask away. You can email me at - if you try to contact me any other way about this, I'll just get lost in the shuffle and you'll end up crying because you're being ignored. And that's sad, so don't do it.

I can't believe I'm doing this again.

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    I'll help any way I can.... Kim B