Monday, March 19, 2012

The return of the "Thing in a Jar"

I'm starting to feel like I took on a little too much in doing this trade show thing. It's been good, I've done way more for the shop in the last 2 months then I have in the last year, but it's been way too busy and my brain is slowly burning out.

Got a few things left to make and thankfully I was able to get my "Thing is a Jar" made.  I had all but scraped the whole ideas as of last week because they weren't working for a huge number of reasons. Main one was the materials, I wasn't happy with them. I saw a thing online and a guy made them out of foam and whatnot - that sucked ass.

While I'm sure other's have had luck, you need the perfect sized jar so the "thing" looks alright. Mine floated and when I say floated, I mean they hit the roof of the jar like it was metal and the lid was a super magnet. Looked stupid. Then I tried to find the right jar size, no such luck.

Finally, after I gave up, I tried one made of resin. Everyone else was using Sculpey, but they were one-offs and I want to mass produce, so I figured it couldn't hurt using resin. I already had the mould and it was all set to go. And it worked perfectly, even got that gross peeling skin effect I couldn't get with the foam version.

Still got a few kinks to work out. I need to redo the label, make it more aged looking somehow, got a few things in mind for that. Overall I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and I'm hoping to get at least one more, possibly two more, ready for the trade show. I'm hoping there's time to order the illuminated stands I was looking at, so they'll glow from underneath, too bad I couldn't make my own, it'd look nice it they had an aged wooden stand with a light in it. Anyone out there with the skills to make that happen nice and cheap, please let me know.

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  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Great looking 'Thing', Fox.
    Love the sealing-wax effect.... very classy.