Monday, March 12, 2012

Trade Show banners and other various crud.

Just sent these things off to get printed. I needed a couple banners for the trade show coming up and decided to go this way. They'll be 2'x4' and hopefully awesome.

And yes, they're very Mike Mignola inspired, for those of you familiar with his work. A lot of companies doing FX work and the like usually go with images of their work or overly tacky images of who the hell knows what. My logo is just the one on the left, the right is something I did up just this weekend because I wanted 2 different ones.

I'm still working away on some new props, hoping to get to making some new epoxy prosthetic moulds before too long as well. So far the only snags I've it are with the "Thing in a Jar" props, looking like they may not be happening. So far it's been impossible to find a decent supply of the right sized bottles/jars I'm needing. With the first "Thing" already made, I need a very specific jar size, around 2 1/2" wide x around 4" high, and obviously nothing with relief designs on the the glass, that'd be a little retarded looking.

I found some stuff, but in the US and most ship by UPS only - which pretty much rapes you on customs fees. Anything I've been able to find in Canada doesn't have the proper sizes listed or demanded a minimum order and blah, blah, blah. It's been pretty annoying to say the least. I'm sure I'll find something, but so far after 3 or more weeks of hunting I haven't been able to find anything.

Hoping to get the first "Shrunken Demon Heads" out this week. As well as a couple of the foam weapons. Ran into a bit of an issue with the hatchet handle mould, but hoping the 2nd try works out okay.

And the "Magnet Sculptures" turned out great. Had an issue there too with actually finding a decent supply of magnets that were strong enough to hold up a 40 gram resin disc - not too easy. In the end I went with a self adhering magnetic tape and after a bit of work they seem to work pretty damned good.

Other then that, got a few other things planned, just need the time and materials to see them through before the show.

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